PZM Interactive Mapping

Tired of driving by 2 problems on the way to fix one? PZM's mapping layer makes your work planning easier and your electrical system stronger. Your deficiencies are visual and color-coded—giving you instant feedback of work-to-be-done. This allows for multiple deficiencies to be repaired in the same area when a technician or a crew is sent out.

PZM Interactive Mapping
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PZM's mapping interface is an excellent tool for visually mapping your devices, deficiencies and upcoming inspections.

Precise location data, and color-coded icons will dramatically change the way you deploy your precious resources.

Save Time

Save your inspectors and field technicians hours every day with the help of PZM's maps.

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All PZM inspection items are geo-located, giving you an instant map view of any device in your system.

PZM's visual mapping layer gives the utility personnel instant visual feedback.

All inspection items are geo-located so you can instantly get a map view of any device and any deficiency in your system. Additionally, we have built-in custom reports that allow the user to visually see the most important information in a map view.

It is always nice to visually see where to assign your resources.

PZM Interactive Mapp Icons

PZM's interactive map includes the following information:

Inspections Due Map

Red icons show what inspections are past due.

Orange icons show what inspections are due in the next 7 days.

Deficiency Map

Red icons show high risk deficiencies that need to be repaired immediately.

Orange icons show moderate risk deficiencies.

Yellow icons show minor risk deficiencies.

Blue icons show low, to no-risk deficiencies.

High and Low Voltage Map

Red icons show voltage levels below 95% and above 105%.

Orange icons show voltage levels below 96.5% and above 104%.

Voltage Regulator Operations Map

Red icons show annual operations over 10,000.

Orange icons show annual operations over 8,000.

Protection Zone Impact Map

Red icons show high risk equipment.

Orange icons show moderate risk equipment

PZM also allows you to look at any device on your system and toggle to a map view of that device, to see exactly where it is in the field.

Get an instant map view of all your system equipment. Easy click icons to view specific equipment details, history and photos.

PZM Mapping

Get more done visually!

Easy Inspection Scheduling and Tracking
Employ Predictive Maintenance
Relevant Information You Can Act On
Simplifies the Inspector Experience

Geo-Located Equipment

Quickly view problem areas clustered together to delpoy resources efficiently and effectively.

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Protection Zone Management

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