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Automate Inspections, Document Deficiencies, and Ensure Optimal Efficiency!

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Say Goodbye to Chaos and Hello to Efficiency!

Make your line patrol inspections a breeze with PZM's all-encompassing program!

Our automated scheduling, tailored patrol types, and predefined deficiencies ensure that you stay on top of your inspection tasks and avoid any potential issues.

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Effortlessly document line patrol deficiencies while out in the field with PZM!

With just one click, you can add deficiencies and capture vital information such as: date, chance of failure, deficiency category, GPS location, and more. Plus, our program allows you to include detailed descriptions and note pole numbers for additional clarity.

And, with the ability to take photos directly from the app, you can easily provide visual evidence for your team or contractors to review at a later time.

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Streamline Your Field Service and Workflow Management!

Prioritize, Categorize, and Resolve Deficiencies on the Go.

Categorize deficiencies by type:
Pole / Crossarm, Hardware, Insulator / Conductor, Trees / Vegetation, Grounding, Birds / Wildlife.

Easily prioritize by risk:
Major, Moderate, Minor, Upgrade.

Select additional metrics:
Crew Required, Outside Resources, Outage Required, On a Fused Tap, Wildfire Danger.

Document deficiencies with photos:
Provide visual evidence for your team or contractors to review at a later time.

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Maximize the Performance of Your Distribution Lines with PZM's Line Patrol Module!

Know that you're doing everything in your power to protect your assets and the safety of those around you with PZM's Line Patrol module.
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Loved by cooperatives across the US.

From an operations manager standpoint, what I have found most valuable is the structure PZM provides utility operators and field crews.

We've seen instant benefits. I'm able to move on to higher value work with the time PZM saves organizing and scheduling inspections, and eliminating double data entry.

With GPS technology, PZM knows I was there, knows what piece of equipment I am inspecting, and it walks me through the inspection.

The number of line patrol miles managed by PZM.

Getting Started is Easy.

All PZM Line Patrol plans include a custom set-up, build and implementation of your distribution system.

Ditch the paper. Take control of your system!