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Paper Sucks — Time to Move ON!

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PZM Keeps It Simple

  • 1

    Equipment Inspections

    PZM tells you when, where and how to inspect your equipment.

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    Identify & Track Deficiencies

    Input deficiencies found in your field inspections.

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    PZM Calculates the Deficiency Risk

    Analyze deficiencies based on the PZM Risk Matrix.
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    Repair, Replace and Reduce Risk

    Keep your system safe and reliable. Minimize costly outages. Prevent wildfires. Stay compliant.

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    Industry Compliance

    Utilize PZM historical records for industry compliance and insurance audits. Records and reports are a click away!

The most effective way to inspect, find, and fix your valuable utility assets.

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5 Reasons For PZM

PZM offers a comprehensive solution for electric utilities to efficiently manage their assets, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • 1

    Efficient Inspection Management

    PZM simplifies and streamlines the process of inspection and managing substations and powerlines — making it especially user-friendly for field technicians. PZM provides guidance on when, where, and how to conduct high-voltage equipment inspections.

  • 2

    Risk Management and Asset Protection

    PZM's "Risk Matrix" and "PZ Scoring System" provide utilities with powerful tools to determine and understand risk and manage system operability. This combination empowers employees to take proactive measures to safeguard assets and operations.

  • 3

    Enhanced Organizational Efficiency

    PZM automates scheduling and work-to-be-done — allowing electric cooperatives to work smarter and more efficiently. PZM eliminates the need for paper, in-house software, Excel, and outdated software, saving time and resources.

  • 4

    Asset Deficiency Risk Analysis

    When deficiencies are identified, PZM automatically calculates their risk level based on our sophisticated PZM Risk Matrix. This enables utilities to prioritize and address high-risk issues promptly and accurately. Watch Line Patrol Deficiency Management with PZM

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    Speed and Customization

    With PZM, inspections and maintenance tasks that used to be time-consuming can now be completed efficiently. PZM's software offers fast inspection routines, customizable schedules, and the ability to document deficiencies with photos for later review.

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Our revolutionary "Protection Zone" and "Risk Matrix" approach have already delivered tangible benefits to our utility clients. Be a part of our commitment to continuous innovation and discover new solutions for your cooperative. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the future of inspection programs in action.
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Jay M. Elquist, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer, PZM
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