Substation Deficiencies Dashboard

Keeping track of electrical substation asset deficiencies is vitally important for electric cooperatives!

Electrical substations are complex facilities that require proper maintenance and inspection to ensure they are safe for workers and the general public.

Tracking asset deficiencies helps identify potential safety hazards and allows for timely repairs or replacements to be made. Substations are critical components of the electric grid, and any disruptions or failures can lead to power outages and other issues.

Tracking asset deficiencies helps ensure that substation equipment is functioning properly and can prevent potential failures. Timely repairs and maintenance can prevent more costly equipment failures and reduce the need for expensive emergency repairs.

Using PZM's digital utility software to track asset deficiencies can identify areas where efficiency improvements can be made, leading to cost savings for the cooperative.

Electric cooperatives must comply with various regulations and standards related to substation equipment and maintenance. Tracking asset deficiencies can help ensure compliance with these regulations and standards.

Overall, keeping track of electrical substation asset deficiencies is essential for maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient electric grid, which is critical for the functioning of modern society.