Line Patrol Deficiencies Dashboard

Optimize Your Utility Operations with PZM's Line Patrol Deficiency Dashboard!

Managing your field crews and workflow processes has never been easier with PZM's Line Patrol Deficiency Dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to efficiently view and prioritize your line patrol deficiencies, maximizing your utility operations' efficiency.

The Line Patrol Deficiency Dashboard presents your deficiencies by type, including: Pole/Crossarm, Hardware, Insulator/Conductor, Trees/Vegetation, Grounding, Birds/Wildlife, and more. By categorizing your deficiencies, you can easily identify and manage the areas that require attention.

The line patrol dashboard orders your deficiencies based on their level of risk, ranging from Major, Moderate, Minor, to Upgrade. This feature enables you to focus on the most critical issues first, ensuring that your resources and time are efficiently allocated.

From the dashboard, you can view deficiency details with photos, providing visual evidence for your team or contractors to review later. This feature ensures that all necessary information is captured accurately, reducing the risk of miscommunication or errors.

By utilizing the Line Patrol Deficiency Dashboard, you can streamline your operations, improve your workflow management, and ensure that your utility operations run smoothly and efficiently. Experience the power of the Line Patrol Deficiency Dashboard and optimize your utility operations today!